Handmade locally in

Pahrump, NV

Why Brittle?

So here's a (brittle-sweet) story...I worked in the field of Human Resources some time ago; I even ran a deli with my husband, Ray Luna (who is a former Chef).  We closed our deli, made some changes in our lives (including, making a move to Nevada), and I chose not to return to HR. 

I wanted to do something different and fun, as well as have more flexibility in my life!  After countless  "thought bubbles" hovering over my head, and careful consideration, making brittle came to mind.



So...why brittle?  Well, it's an old fashioned candy that is fun to make, it truly is a salty-sweet confection that America loves, and it's a great snack to eat by itself or with other yummy accompaniments!  I'm not a Pastry Chef by any means, but I consider myself to be a decent cook and baker, and I'm always up for the challenge. 

I guess you can call me a Brittle Artist!  I hope you enjoyed my story, and now...my Brittle (in a jar)!

Local Artisan

All ingredients used are locally sourced from organic suppliers and crafted by hand using old fashioned recipes and techniques through a time-honored tradition.