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Really Great Brittle

Brittle in a Jar is a sole-proprietorship operating as a small, home-based business in Pahrump, Nevada.  It's not a retail store but it's been created to provide curbside pickup (with appointment time), free local delivery service (for Pahrump residents), or request an order to be shipped to you by placing order via phone or email (at this time).

Handcrafted.  Old-Fashioned.  Made on the stove-top using water, sugar, corn syrup, salt, extracts, baking soda and lots of nuts!  Of course...butter, spices, dried fruits and even chocolate are optional.


While the preparation may be quite long and technique sensitive, it literally is only a matter of seconds when it comes to digging into this scrumptious brittle candy.  Each batch of brittle is made and stacked in a mason jar to seal in the freshness which can last up to eight weeks. 

The great thing about a have the freedom to put just about anything in it and it'll still taste pretty darn good!  But sometimes with all that freedom, you wind up with a blank stare towards your pantry with no idea where to start.

Here's one recipe that will get your mouth watering and your creative mind going:


  • 1 Jar of (Brittle in a Jar's) Chile Cashew Brittle - break the pieces smaller by hand to add to mix);

  • 2 Cups of Butter Popcorn or Kettle Popcorn (your choice; I prefer the salty-sweet taste with this mix) and

  • 1 cup of Plain M&M's (Peanut M&M's are a good option too...there's no such thing as too many nuts!


Nuts and chocolate and lots of butter!  Of course it all goes well together.  The great thing about making brittle all the time is coming up with other deliciousness, like toffee!  It's not quite the same as brittle, but almost!


Be in the "know" and look for specials offered during the holidays.  It may not be the same special every year, but that's what's great about never know what you're going to get!

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